Streamline Your Recruitment and HR Processes with TrueATS, TrueRMS, and TrueHRMS

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In today’s competitive job market, recruitment consulting firms and organizations need efficient tools to automate and streamline their recruitment and human resources processes. This blog explores three powerful software solutions developed by our company: TrueATS, TrueRMS, and TrueHRMS. While all three systems serve distinct purposes, they collectively enhance productivity, improve candidate management, and optimize HR operations.

  1. TrueATS – Simplifying Recruitment for Consulting Firms:

TrueATS, short for True Applicant Tracking System, is a comprehensive solution tailored for recruitment consulting firms. Its primary objective is to automate and manage the end-to-end recruitment process efficiently. With TrueATS, consulting firms can:


a) Client Management:

TrueATS enables firms to effectively manage their client relationships. It centralizes client information, tracks client requirements, and facilitates seamless communication and collaboration. Recruiters can easily access client details, including past interactions, preferences, and hiring patterns, enabling them to provide personalized and targeted services.


b) Job Management:

The system simplifies job management by organizing and tracking job postings, candidate applications, and interview processes. Recruiters can create job listings, customize job descriptions, and post them on various job boards and websites. TrueATS streamlines the application process by allowing candidates to apply directly through the platform, ensuring all relevant information is captured and accessible for evaluation.


c) Candidate Progress Tracking:

TrueATS offers real-time visibility into the progress of candidates throughout the recruitment process. Recruiters can track candidate applications, schedule interviews, record feedback, and manage offer and joining statuses. The system provides a centralized dashboard where recruiters can view the status of each candidate, ensuring efficient and transparent communication among the hiring team.


  1. TrueRMS – Empowering Internal HRs and Hiring Managers:

TrueRMS, or True Recruitment Management System, is designed specifically for internal HR departments and hiring managers. It encompasses advanced features that go beyond traditional applicant tracking systems. With TrueRMS, HR departments and hiring managers can:


a) Interview Scheduling:

TrueRMS simplifies interview scheduling by providing a centralized platform for HRs and hiring managers. It offers calendar integration, automated reminders, and candidate communication tools, ensuring seamless interview coordination. HRs can easily schedule interviews, send calendar invites to candidates and interview panel members, and manage any changes or rescheduling efficiently.


b) Feedback Management:

The system facilitates efficient feedback management, enabling multiple stakeholders to provide input on candidates. Hiring managers can easily review feedback, make informed decisions, and collaborate with HR throughout the hiring process. TrueRMS allows for customizable feedback templates, making it easier for hiring managers to provide structured and consistent feedback to candidates.

c) Offer and Joining Tracking:

TrueRMS streamlines the offer and joining process, automating the generation, approval, and tracking of job offers. HR teams can create offer letters within the system, customize them based on candidate specifics, and obtain necessary approvals. TrueRMS also enables HR to track the acceptance status, contract signing, and onboarding progress, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires.


  1. TrueHRMS – Optimizing Human Resource Management:

TrueHRMS, or True Human Resource Management System, is an all-in-one solution for organizations seeking to automate and streamline their HR processes. TrueHRMS offers a wide range of features to simplify HR operations. With TrueHRMS, organizations can:

a) Employee Data Management:

The system serves as a centralized repository for employee data, such as personal details, employment history, and performance records. HR teams can access and update this information securely and efficiently. TrueHRMS ensures data accuracy and eliminates manual paperwork, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks.

b) Payroll and Benefits Administration:

TrueHRMS streamlines payroll processes, automating calculations and deductions while ensuring compliance with legal and organizational policies. The system integrates with attendance tracking systems to accurately calculate working hours, leaves, and overtime. It also facilitates benefits administration, tracking leave, allowances, and employee benefits, providing employees with a self-service portal to view and manage their own information.

c) Performance Evaluations:

With TrueHRMS, organizations can automate performance evaluation processes, allowing managers to set goals, track progress, and conduct regular assessments. The system provides a framework for setting up evaluation cycles, capturing feedback from multiple sources, and generating performance reports. TrueHRMS promotes a performance-driven culture, facilitates fair and objective evaluations, and enables organizations to identify high-performing employees and address areas for improvement.




TrueATS, TrueRMS, and TrueHRMS are powerful software solutions designed to optimize recruitment and HR processes for different stakeholders. TrueATS caters to recruitment consulting firms, empowering them to manage clients, jobs, and candidate progress efficiently. TrueRMS serves internal HR departments and hiring managers, providing advanced features like interview scheduling, feedback management, and offer tracking. Finally, TrueHRMS automates various HR tasks, including employee data management, payroll administration, benefits tracking, and performance evaluations. By leveraging these innovative systems, organizations can enhance productivity, improve candidate experiences, and optimize their overall HR operations. Implementing TrueATS, TrueRMS, and TrueHRMS can revolutionize the way recruitment and HR processes are managed, leading to streamlined operations, improved decision-making, and ultimately, organizational success.

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